Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Vampiring: Manipulating customers mind

It is also known as Vampire ads or Vampire effects. It is a stage where a celebrity becomes so dominant in promoting a particular brand that the main advertiser's message is lost. The main product message become secondary and the celebrities are in the limelight. Advertiser's are well aware of the categories which needs celebrity endorsements. Although, it looks very simple but lot of in-depth analysis has to be done before choosing a celebrity for a particular brand. The personality of a celebrity should match to that of the brand which will persuade a consumers to have same brand image in their mind.

Advertisers generally targets celebrities for advertising lifestyle products, because these products are used in our day to day life. This type of brand association with the celebrity will definitely increase their brand image and at the same time profits too.

Sachin Tendulkar in boost ad
Sachin Tendulkar endorsing boost ad
Take a simple example, whenever we ask our children which health drink they would like to have, they will prefer Boost, not because they like it, but because Sachin Tendulkar is saying 'Boost is a secret of my energy'. They just associate their role model to the brand which he is promoting. Here, the boost is an energy drink which will keep you fit and healthy, so they have chosen Sachin for endorsement which perfectly goes with both, celebrity's personality and the product personality. So, this kind of brand association plays a vital role in building the brand image of a company. People treat celebrities as god, so whatever product they will promote, the customers will use the same product and they will think its right for them. 
One of the common example is lux soap. This brand is endorsed by so many celebrities, but here in this advertisement Shahrukh has worked with so many of his co-star to promote lux. As a result, when we think of buying soap, without any second thought we think of lux.
Katrina Kaif in lux ad
Katrina Kaif in Lux ad

Shahrukh Khan with his co-star in lux ad
Shahrukh Khan with his co-star in lux ad
Customer should be aware of the  situation where the celebrity is overwhelming the image of brand. Customers  should go with those products which are really genuine and worth consuming. They should not  buy any product just because their role model or celebrities are promoting. After all the Celebrity is associated to the brand not the vice verse.
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